Steal (Extended Game Play Option)

>> Assign numbers to the prizes and/or goody bags reserved for the game
>> Create and/or use numbered pieces of paper that correspond with the number of prizes /
>> For example:

     > If you have 10 participants you will create 10 separate pieces labeled: #1, #2, #3…up through #10

     > You then choose which of the 10 prizes you would like to be eligible to steal.  This is accomplished by

        creating a duplicate piece for each of those numbered items.  If you want prize #2 to be eligible create a

        duplicate #2 piece.  If you want prize #7 to be eligible for a steal create a duplicate #7 piece and so on. 

>> The number of open spaces is what limits the number of steals that can occur.  In the case of 10 participants,

     you have the ability to stage 6 potential steals

>> When a duplicate number is drawn, the participants “steals” the prize from the current owner or prize table

     whichever applies.  The previous owner then returns to the end of the line in order to draw for another prize.
>> Once you have created all of your 16 game pieces, place each one in an empty opening
>> Playing order can be established by a random draw, age, etc.
>> Once order and rules have been established, each participant will take turns punching a hole
of their choice. 

     Once a player has received a prize they are out of the game.  A player resumes play in the event their prize

     was stolen.
>> The game ends when all participants have received a prize

NOTE: For smaller groups (less than 6), you may want to consider replacing some steals with pieces that read “punch again” or “lose your turn